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WAKING UP! Solutionary TV where we discuss the real global topics affecting society in science, health, education, industry, environment, and politics with genuine grassroots solutions being implemented towards a regenerative future we can all get behind.


Global flooding,…World ocean anomalies,….World weather extremes,….Planetary position in the coming summer,…Volcanic activity and high magnitude earthquakes,…. Recent strange wildlife behavior,…Planetary UV anomalies and SO MUCH MORE when Solutionary TV welcomes “THE EARTH WATCHMAN.”

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Scientific Model of ASCENSION per VENUSIAN WISDOM!

ASCENSION topics are powerfully in demand and sought after as we awaken and merge into a “solutions based” society, with the full disclosure of advanced technology and innovation. Solutionary TV is pleased to bring Robert Potter back to feature as he shares the cumulative wisdom of his upcoming conference speakers and past guests of our show and touches on the very heart of our soulful journey; being the scientific model of ASCENSION, as relayed by the Venusian’s.

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Dr. Tatiana and Dr. Raymond Keller with Jenessee Roy enthusiastically claiming experience with highly intelligent life from other local spheres within our solar system and beyond. With all the recent government disclosure of secret black projects, full admittance of over 70+ years of UFO contacts, advanced technology and former astronaut testimony of firsthand witnesses to wonders beyond our understanding, TONIGHT is a MUST SEE!


WAKING UP! Solutionary TV and Dr. Tatiana H Irvin welcome Dr. Raymond Keller, renowned author of the Venus Triology books, expert in Venusian history as a contactee and extra-terrestrial investigator, director of the Outer Space International Research and Investigations Society (OSIRIS) and so much more.


Dr. Tatiana and Solutionary TV warmly welcome the brilliantly talented Karen Newell, Co-founder of SACRED ACOUSTICS, to share her powerful determination to provide humanity with necessary and transcendent tools to achieve heightened states of consciousness, deep meditation and unlock the keys to self awareness and Universal Wisdom.

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Solutionary TV and Dr Tatiana H Irvin welcome Shari Lynn, joining us to share her intrinsic knowledge of extraterrestrial and interdimensional existence, supportive Pleidian energy healing tools, human evolutionary ascension into higher states of existence to usher in the New Earth Humanity and much more.


Solutionary TV welcomes Leslie Flowers as our featured expert guest to our robust discussion about the resurgence of Divine Feminine, the restoration of balance and cooperation between the sexes,the reclamation of women’s FULL voice and societal contributions in leadership, innovation and intuitive communication to restore a healthy societal balance.

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Dr. Tatiana and Solutionary TV welcome Ryan Clenendin, authority and ALCHEMIST “extraordinaire” of cannabinoid “WONDER PLANT” healing applications for humans and the EARTH as industrial hemp cropping. CRAFT and magic are all part of the equation.

FREE WILL Rules the UNIVERSE… What ROLE are YOU Playing?

Dr. Tatiana and Kelvin Chin share inherent wisdom about the ETERNAL nature of the SOUL, reincarnation as a path to spatial learning and how SOUL CONTRACTS may shape our individual lives, relationships and purpose!

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LUCID DREAMING into ASCENSION and Higher Dimensional States

Dr. Tatiana and Luke Sellars expand upon a framework of ancient history, merging esoteric knowledge, mystery schools, channeled material and an awakening humanity. Looking forward to building a mosaic of integrated truth!

LUCID DREAMING to Receive Unconscious Messages to SELF

Dr. Tatiana and Dr. Larry Burk team up to discuss the inherent wisdom we EACH have regarding our unique physiology, prophetic wisdom elicited in dream and meditative states and the power to consciously heal ourselves when we avail ourselves of this wisdom.

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Solutionary TV is excited to feature Dr. Scott Werner, author of Take Back Your Health, The Next Step in Human Evolution and ongoing emissary of St. Germaine, “Near Death Experiencer”, Communicator of the Elemental Realm and enthusiastic proponent for human ASCENSION.

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Venusians, Pleidieans, Galactic Federation and DISCLOSURE, OH MY!

Dr. Tatiana and Robert Potter as we discuss the “not so hidden knowledge” of the ancients, the Universal Esoteric truths of our embodied experience here and what massive transition we are experiencing in this epic time of shifts in awareness and awakening.

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Peacekeeping in the FACE of Conflict is a REVOLUTIONARY ACT!

Dr. Tatiana and former Congressman Mark Siljander speak to the true heart and essence of PEACE. It does not come by way of war. It comes by way of “building bridges to common ground”, something that our guest knows well as a former deputy U.N. ambassador to war torn regions of the world. Seeing the agenda behind double speak politics, disingenuous propaganda by our government leaders, and choosing to truly collaborate with those who were “our enemies”, POWERFUL ground was gained and loving negotiations made. Miracles are possible at every level of human interaction. But we must show up compassionately OPEN.

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Dr. Tatiana and Troy Casey, The Certified Healthnut, get fierce on pointing out societies broken systems with kid gloves off! Whistleblowers and Truthtellers have been unpopular, criticized and targeted by an over-comfortable society grasping at changeless comfort to our mutual detriment. Let’s get hardcore about the solutions, straight talk about our future and STEP UP to the AWAKE, INTUITIVE and EMPOWERED LIFE we all must own for ourselves!

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Vital Immunity, Self Healing and Vaccine Education YOU NEED!

Solutionary TV and Dr Joe Criscuola discussed the discipline of “EDUCATION FIRST” with regards to our health protocols and what it will cost us when we subjugate our health to industries that stand to gain financially from our disease and ignorance. Yes, we addressed the hot topic of vaccines.

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Enjoy the wisdom share with Dr. Eben Alexander from last evenings interview on WAKING UP! Solutionary TV & Dr. Tatiana H. Irvin Coaching on the topics of NDE’s, Spiritual Visitors, Quantum Discoveries in cutting edge science, Sacred Acoustics for deepening Meditation Practices, Humanity’s evolutionary potential and more!





Self Sustainable Solutions on Your Own Footprint, HOW TO!

Dr. Tatiana and Greg Peterson of the Urban Farm takes us on the wild ride of a subdivided, 1/3 acre homesite into a thriving sustainability oasis! Loaded with 75 fruit trees, rainwater & grey-water harvesting, solar applications and a completely edible landscape, he will demonstrate what WE EACH CAN DO towards greater regenerative models and self sustainability!

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Plant medicine and retreat for wholeness with Dr. Jeff McNairy and Rythmia

Plant medicine to reset the brain, cleansing and retreat for wholeness with Dr. Jeff McNairy and Rythmia is a gift to self……Today is the day, integral healing, overcoming addiction, embracing self integration and owning your life is genuinely achievable.

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The VEIL Is REAL and SO are the Sentient Beings We SHARE IT WITH

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Sacred Reciprocity as Divine Template of the Universe, and Psychedelics Show the WAY!

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Are Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) LINKED?

Solutionary TV has teamed up with Crowdsource the Truth to bring you highly relevant and equally volatile intel on the correlation between the rise and integration of A.I., Saudi Arabian citizenship to artificially intelligent Sophia, potential ties to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency; the threats both of these pose to our current systems and the disinformation campaigns impacting our discernment about these and other relevant issues in mainstream media as well as independent media outlets.

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Youthing, Age-Reversal, Epigenetics and Consciousness in Human Evolution!

Dr. Tatiana and Adele Lamborn Discuss the Exciting Field of “YOUTHING” or AGE–REVERSAL and how our Consciousness can effect the Length of our Telomeres and Extend our LIVES, possibly Indefinitely!

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Music as a Tool to Expand Consciousness and Build Community

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Releasing fear around life transition, passing loved ones, embracing empowering and centering meditation techniques, living fully and much, much more!

Dr. Tatiana and Kelvin Chin discuss how fear and unresolved, unconscious anxiety and uncertainty can run amok in our lives and lead to unnecessary fear driven decisions. Specific meditative entrainments can alleviate suffering and ease even fear of death and global transitions.

Link to Kelvin’s websites: http://www.overcomingthefearofdeath.org/ http://www.turningwithin.org/ http://www.kelvinchin.org/

Book links: To order book (paperback, e-book, audiobook narrated by Kelvin): http://www.overcomingthefearofdeath.org/books To listen to Audio Sample: http://www.overcomingthefearofdeath.org/audio-sample/ Reader Reviews: http://www.overcomingthefearofdeath.org/reader-reviews/

Voting With Your Dollars Fueling Highly Moral, Consciously Green, REGENERATIVE Consumers

Dr. Tatiana and Kristin Adams discuss Voting with your dollars and empowering your choices by fueling highly moral, consciously green, regenerative, triple bottom line businesses to create products that are FANTASTIC for you, for me and the environment.

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Humane Education Creates Solutionaries of Our Youth and Empowers Change Agents!

Dr. Tatiana and Zoe Weil discuss humane, just, and sustainable world for people, animals, and the environment through education, offering a variety of programs for teachers, parents, and hopeful change agents worldwide.

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Veterans Holistic Support Systems with the QUEEEN of SERENDIPTITY

Dr. Tatiana and Diane Williams speak about “Service to Others” as it pertains to Returning Warriors, our Military Veterans, their families, needful Holistic services in Yoga, TM (Transcendental Meditation), Chiropractic, Organics and more. Diane is the Queen of Serendipity, a Master Manifestor for those she serves and herself with Financial Windfalls that the Universe seeks to compensate her for. This and more….

Youthing, Age-Reversal, Epigenetics and Consciousness in Human Evolution!

Dr. Tatiana and Adele Lamborn Discuss the Exciting Field of “YOUTHING” or AGE–REVERSAL and how our Consciousness can effect the Length of our Telomeres and Extend our LIVES, possibly Indefinitely!

Poignant Guidance in an Era of Diminishing Corporate and Self Advocacy

Dr. Tatiana and Karen Fritz speak regarding our era of corporate diminishing job security, downsizing and survivors guilt, and what is the path to reclaim, reinvent and fully launch one’s authentic creative offering as a change agent for our broken economy?

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Candid and straightforward talk the toxic food system and what YOU CAN DO!

Concerned about fake food, poison laden produce, hormone and antibiotic laden meats, farmed fish, and wondering where to get verified, wholesome, fresh local food for family?
Ready for a crash course education in what an unsustainable albatross our big agriculture business has become, and how it pollutes our air, soil, water and bodies?
Join us Monday, July 24th from 7-8pm EST/EDT to hear our guest, Niti Bali share her poignant and direct wisdom.

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Actionable Steps in Community Focused Sustainable Food and Regenerative Energy You Can Take NOW!

Concerned about “dirty energy” and our environment? Fearful of toxic food supply and the limitations of our agricultural model? Want to know what has been successful in taking back control of our resources at a community level?
Join us again for WAKING UP! Solutionary TV on July 3rd, 7-8pm ET, where we bring you visionary, innovative, implementable solutions to society’s transitional issues.
Our featured guest will be Eric Mathis, the Director of Cooperative Innovations for the Institute for Regenerative Design & Innovation, speaking to us about the current failings of our agricultural and energy systems and sharing bold new innovations for a more regenerative, sustainable future.

Enlightened Solutions for Your Medical Insurance Uncertainty: Conversations with Suzette Foster

Join us for our premier of WAKING UP! Solutionary TV on June 26th, 7-8pm ET, where we bring you visionary, innovative, implementable solutions to society’s transitional issues. Our featured guest will be author, speaker and inspirational miracle worker, Suzette Foster discussing the medical insurance debacle and how we can employ revolutionary ways to advocate for our own health.

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