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Earth and Eguus ImageFor those awakened souls that deeply sense the evolutionary disconnection humanity has experienced from our sentient, intuitive immersion with the Earth and ALL her inhabitants.
The earnest seeker of aligned consciousness and refined intuitive abilities. Those who feel the energetic shifts of our planet and desire to intentionally shift themselves into alignment with the “ASCENSION” into a New Earth.

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Past Events

August 31st to September 2nd 2018

Energy/Medical Intuitive Certification Course

Humanity is EVOLVING and we are now at a time when reclaiming your FULL intuitive prowess is essential and discernment is required. Can you feel the changes?

Mt Shasta EventJuly 27th-29th 2018

Mt Shasta Summer Conference From Venus With Love

Hay House Radio – Dr. Tatiana Irvin – The Reluctant Intuitive Hay House Radio

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Dr. Tatiana Irvin – Are You a Big Thinking Person?

Breaking Free – 5/8/2017